Preschool Information


We welcome you and your child/children to our preschool. We hope your time with us is a happy one filled with fun, creativity, education and learning.

At North Ingle Preschool we provide a safe and welcoming environment for all children to feel a sense of belonging and ownership. We model and encourage independence, creativity, respect, caring, integrity. We support children to become effective communicators and decision makers while developing a strong sense of self. We provide hands-on, play-based learning experiences to nurture each child in acquiring a love for learning.

Please follow the links to:

North Ingle Preschool Parent Brochure
North Ingle Preschool Parent Handbook
North Ingle Preschool Quality Improvement Plan 2018
Term 1, 2019 Timetable

Session Times

All day Tuesday:           8.45 am – 2.45 pm
Wednesday morning:    8.45 am– 11.45 am
All day Thursday:          8.45 am – 2:45 pm

Children are eligible and funded for 4 terms of Pre School before commencing Reception.


We consider it important that children attend at least 4 (and preferably all 5) sessions per week to gain the maximum benefit from their Preschool year. Our staffing and Government Grants depend on regular attendance. If your child is absent please phone to let the school or teacher know.


Early enrolment of children helps us in establishing our numbers and staffing in advance. We are also staffed on attendance.

Transition Program

As our preschool is school based and on-site with North Ingle School, we aim to support you and your child with a smooth transition to school. Once a week children take part in a Transition Play Based Program with the Junior Primary classes.
In term 4 before your child is due to start school, they will be given the opportunity to have transition visits to the school. Usually children have 3 visits towards the end of the term. Transition visits can also be arranged for children who will be attending primary schools other than North Ingle Primary School.


North Ingle Preschool offers Pre-entry sessions during Term 4 before your child commence full time Pre School the following year. Pre-entry is arranged according to centre enrolments and numbers. Please contact the Preschool for further information.