Sunday 26th May - National Sorry Day

Monday 27th to Friday 31st May - Reconciliation Week

Friday 7th June - Pupil Free Day

Monday 10th June- Public Holiday, King's Birthday

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North Ingle School has adopted Auslan as the Language other than  English within The Australian Curriculum facilitated by a specialised teacher and specialised School Support Officer. 

The formal study of Auslan contributes to the overall intellectual and social enfrichment of both first language and second language learners by providing opportunities for engagement with the Deaf community and insight into its rich cultural heritage opportunities to develop intercultural capabilites, understanding and respect for others, appreciation of diversity and openness to different perspectives and experiences.

Auslan aims to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to enable students to:

  • communicate in Auslan 
  • Understand language, culture and learning and their relationship, and thereby develop and intercultural capability in communication
  • Understand themselves as communicators
  • develop a knowledge and an understanding of the diversity of Deaf experience and the nature of identity.

These aims are interrelated and provide the basis for two organising strands for learning Auslan: Communicating and Understanding. Learning Auslan: Language learning is life enhancing.  This national curriculum offers all students the opportunity to benefit from the social, cultural, intellectual and emotional development that will result from learning the unique and sophisticate visual-gestural langauge of the Australian Deaf community.

Benefits of learning auslan include:

  • capacity to communicate with peers, friends and family members who use auslan.
  • improved capacity for visual-gestural communication
  • intellectual interest, engagement and personal challenge
  • awareness of deafness as a difference rather than a disability
  • increased understanding of inclusion and diversity
  • increased understanding of language acquisition, language systems and learning processes
  • enhanced development of overall literacy capabilites 

2020 Auslan School Performance


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